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Welcome Mad-Website

Watz up Everyone? This is my very own Madkidz Website. I cant believe I've come this far, but i did. For those of you who don't know what madkidz is, just read it, you'll love it, and for those of you who know madkidz and me personally, Thank you for your support. This is my first site so i am really happy. My name is Chipo but just call me Artemis. Check out my super cool pictures and Posters.


Watz up ya'll, Some of my friends are unhappy that i didnt send them shout outs, so i'd like to send one to Dale, Kimberly, Herbet, Cebisa, and the rest of you guys.

Another special shout out to my sister. I spelt your name wrong on purpose, just wanted to make you angree.  :)

Seing as you want to be known so much, i'll write your name specially.



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Please sighn my guestbook so that i know you where here

Joke Of The Week

There were three girls on the most boring camp ever. A blone, a brunette and a red-haird. Suddenly a gienie popped up and gave them three wishes.

Red-haired: I wish i was at home with my Family.

And *poof * her wish was granted.

Brunette: I wish i was at home with my Family.

And *poof* her wish was granted.

Blonde: It's so boring her without my friends. I wish my friends were here.

And *poof*........

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I'm so sorry, there was something wrong with my guestbook, but i swear if you go there now, you will access it easily. My pictures will be fully up by Saturday! :)

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